Imagination is a blessing to humanity. Anybody can imagine but there is a difference in the quality of imagination in terms of what is imagined.


We strengthen the power of our imagination by feeding our minds with the right and necessary information good for the well being of our soul, health and prosperity.


To imagine is very easy but to create requires lots of investment. Many people has good dreams, great ideas but were never birth to reality.


Very few people were able to successfully create what they had imagined. However, very fewer people are able to commercialize their product properly.


Commercialization is where the money is. Innovation without commercialization is a fruitless effort.

Commercialization requires marketing skills couple with proper marketing strategy.


The message is; Don’t stop at imagination, create. Don’t stop at creation, commercialize.

Commercialization is where the money is.

See you later in Words.

Blesstalian chairman, For your personal development and Business

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  1. Chiemezie Johnnbosco 4 months ago


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