The greatest nation is not USA nor China, the greatest nation is not in Africa, Europe, Asia, or any continent.
The greatest Nation is your ImagiNATION.
Your imagination is magnetic, it is powerful, it is the home for creativity. It has the power to envision. it can produce the kind of world you want. If you can Imagine it, you can produce it. Whatever you visualize continually, will automatically becomes a reality. It is called the Law of Visualization.
Use your imagination right, don’t use it to lust after curves and broad chests.
One of the greatest gift God has given you is your MIND.
It can make you or mar you.
It all depends on how you feed it, what you are feeding it, and how you use it.
cheers to greatness
WRITTEN BY ORIOLA MUYIWA(SKURAIN) for your personal development and business growth.


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